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Pyeongchang won’t repeat Sochi success, says Russia ski chief

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Russia’s ski and snowboard federation president was pretty impressed with how Sochi put on the Winter Olympics, so much so that she doubts Pyeongchang can match it.

“I believe it is unrealistic to repeat in Korea what happened in Sochi – the infrastructure and everything,” Svetlana Gladysheva said, according to R-Sport. “So the Koreans are a bit upset. Actually, Korea is shocked. Local workers would obviously be trained, but holding the Olympics as Sochi did is unlikely.”

The R-Sport article said Gladysheva was referring to Sochi’s success in hosting the Olympics.

Pyeongchang organizers saw how Sochi handled the Olympics and believe they will be ready in 2018.

“Pyeongchang has been on this bid process for such a long time that they’ve already set up a lot of infrastructure and things like that to prove to the IOC that they are ready to host these Games,” 2006 U.S. Olympic bronze medalist moguls skier Toby Dawson, who has been part of the 2018 team, said last month. “Their mission is to have the best Winter Olympic Games ever to date, so they seem to be very organized and ahead of schedule in comparison to some of these other countries that are hosting the Olympics. They’re right on schedule with all their construction work, seem to have hired on a lot of new faces and people and will be ready well before the Games instead of putting all the pieces together right before the Games start.”

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Fisht Stadium will be home venue for Sochi soccer club

Fisht Stadium
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The Olympic Stadium that held Opening and Closing Ceremonies in Sochi is set to host soccer matches a little earlier than expected.

Sochi’s soccer club, FC Zhemchuzhina, is being reformed, Russia Minister of Sport Vitaly Mutko said, according to Inside World Football, citing Russian news agency ITAR-TASS.

“The stadium will be handed over to the Krasnodar Region, and they have everything at their disposal which abides to the standards set by FIFA,” Mutko said. “The stadium will soon have a football club. We will return the traditions of Sochi’s Zhemchuzhina.”

FC Zhemchuzhina’s last recorded match on its R-Sport club page was in 2011.

Fisht Stadium was already going to be converted for soccer after the Paralympics because its one of the venues for the 2017 Confederations Cup and 2018 World Cup.

ISU receives South Korea complaint over figure skating judging

ISU receives South Korea complaint over figure skating judging

Yuna Kim

South Korea has officially filed its complaint over figure skating judging at the Sochi Olympics to the International Skating Union, nearly two months after Yuna Kim won silver behind Russian Adelina Sotnikova in a controversial decision.

The Korea Skating Union (KSU) filed a complaint over the makeup of the judging panel for the women’s free skate rather than the results of the competition, according to Yonhap News, reporting that the KSU believes the panel’s composition was in violation of the ISU’s ethical rules.

One of the judges from Sochi is married to a top Russian figure skating federation official and was seen hugging Sotnikova shortly after she won gold. Another was suspended one year as being part of the 1998 Olympic ice dance fixing scandal.

The Russian figure skating vice president headed the three-person technical panel that decided on difficulty levels (and therefore points rewarded) for skaters’ spins and jumps.

“We are not perfect, as also the skaters are not perfect,” ISU president Ottavio Cinquanta said in March, according to Reuters. “Sometimes, they do a mistake. Mistakes are possible, because we are human beings.”

The next step could take three weeks — deciding whether the ISU or the Court of Arbitration for Sport will handle the matter — according to the German press agency DPA, quoting an ISU official.

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