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Usain Bolt wins ‘slow’ Ostrava 100m; Ashton Eaton withdraws

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Usain Bolt ran hard to win a 100m in a “slow” 9.98 seconds in Ostrava, Czech Republic, on Friday, but didn’t grimace as he did last Saturday in his first race since Aug. 29.

Here is video of the race.

“My first 40 meters, maybe 50 meters, was kind of sluggish,” Bolt, who shook his head left to right afterward, told media on the track. “That’s always needed to get up to speed quickly, so I thought that’s why I run so slow.”

The six-time Olympic champion beat a weak field that was further lessened by Olympic decathlon champion Ashton Eaton pulling out of the meet during his earlier long jump competition with cramps in one of his quads.

Bolt, the world-record holder at 9.58 seconds, faced a 100m field that included zero other men who have broken 10 seconds for the first time since 2009, according to They ran into a slight headwind — .4 meters/second.

Bolt has now run 10.05 and 9.98 seconds in his first two races this season, seeing a German doctor to treat a minor hamstring injury in between. Bolt also reportedly dealt with an ankle injury in winter training. He said before Friday’s race that he would be happy with a 9.8.

Bolt’s biggest rivals in recent years — Justin Gatlin and Yohan Blake — have run 9.94 and 9.95 in the last week.

Bolt is next scheduled to race the Olympic silver medalist Blake and former world-record holder Asafa Powell in a 100m in Kingston, Jamaica, on June 11, according to meet organizers.

The Jamaican Olympic Trials are June 30-July 3.

“We have a lot of work to do,” Bolt said. “I have a couple of months to do it, so I’ll be fine. … I need more races. The more I run, the faster I’ll get.”

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Usain Bolt wants his Rio headline to be ‘Immortal’ (video)

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Usain Bolt wants his last Olympic headline to be one word — Immortal.

Bolt spoke with NBC’s Peter Alexander in Kingston recently as he trains for his fourth and final Olympics.

The six-time Olympic champion ran his first race since Aug. 29 on Saturday, clocking a “rusty” 10.05 seconds in a victory in the Cayman Islands.

He then reportedly visited a German doctor for a hamstring problem this week. Bolt also was slowed by a reported ankle injury in winter training.

“Track and field is unforgiving,” Bolt told Alexander on TODAY. “You’ll be out for two or three weeks, and it feels like you haven’t trained a day in your life when you go back on the track.”

Bolt also said he’s “not really stressed” about the Zika virus.

“Hopefully by the time we get there, they’ll have it under control,” Bolt said and then joked, “I’m fast. [Mosquitoes] can’t catch me.”

Bolt is next scheduled to race 100m against Olympic decathlon champion Ashton Eaton on Friday in Ostrava, Czech Republic.

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Usain Bolt visits Germany for hamstring, set to race Blake, Powell

Usain Bolt
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Usain Bolt visited a German doctor for “slight discomfort” in one of his hamstrings after his first race since Aug. 29 in the Cayman Islands on Saturday, his coach said, according to Reuters.

Bolt grimaced as he crossed the finish line to win in a pedestrian 10.05 seconds Saturday and later called it “rusty.”

“I think he has a slight discomfort in his hamstring, so he didn’t bother push it after that, but he’ll be all right,” coach Glen Mills said on Jamaican radio on Monday, according to the report. “He’s in Germany as we speak, and the doctors say he will be fine.”

Bolt, who dealt with a reported ankle injury in winter training, is scheduled to race a 100m in Ostrava, Czech Republic, on Friday.

Bolt’s next scheduled race after that is a 100m in Kingston, Jamaica, on June 11.

There, he will face the two biggest domestic rivals of his career — former world-record holder Asafa Powell and Olympic 100m and 200m silver medalist Yohan Blake, according to the Racers Track Club, which is putting on the meet.

Bolt, Powell and Blake, three of the four fastest men of all time, were last in the same race in the 2012 Olympic 100m final. Bolt and Blake last went head-to-head in the 2012 Olympic 200m final.

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