‘Eddie the Eagle’ ski jumps in Calgary for first time since 1988 Olympics (video)

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“Eddie the Eagle” Edwards, the last-place British ski jumper from the 1988 Olympics, returned to jump at Canada Olympic Park for the first time since the Calgary Winter Games, according to CBC.

Edwards took two jumps each off 18-, 38- and 70-meter jumps on Sunday. His farthest jump was 24 meters (79 feet), according to Canadian media. Watch him jump off the 70-meter here.

“It’s always nice to come back to Calgary. It’s where I was born,” the 53-year-old Edwards said, according to CTV. “It’s where I became Eddie the Eagle.”

In 1988, Edwards, whose given first name is Michael, finished a distant last on both the 70- and 90-meter hills. His jumps on the 70-meter hill in 1988 were each about 55 meters.

Edwards surfaces every now and then in media and most recently and notably for a biopic, “Eddie the Eagle,” released last year, starring Taron Egerton and Hugh Jackman. A trailer for that film is here.

Edwards was last in Calgary in 2008 for the 20-year anniversary of the 1988 Olympics, according to Canadian media. The Alberta city could bid for the 2026 Winter Games, in which case Edwards might return.

“I’ll be 60 [sic] then — maybe I’ll start training now and could actually be quite a good ski jumper by then,” he joked, according to Postmedia News.

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Gregor Schlierenzauer returns to ski jumping

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Austrian Gregor Schlierenzauer, the most decorated ski jumper in World Cup history, will return to competition this weekend after a year break.

Schlierenzauer announced on his 26th birthday last January that he would take an indefinite break from the sport.

“I want out of the spotlight,” Schlierenzauer said then, according to an International Ski Federation (FIS) translation. “Right now I simply don’t know what the future brings, I want to spark the passion again and become clear about how my way shall continue without any pressure.”

Then in March, Schlierenzauer suffered a torn ACL while skiing recreationally in Canada.

Schlierenzauer owns rock-star status in Austria, where he’s been known by a nickname — “Schlieri” — since he was a teen.

He owns a record 53 World Cup victories and individual gold or silver medals at each of the last four world championships. But he has not performed as well at the Olympics, picking up two bronze medals in 2010 and no medals in 2014. He also earned team gold in 2010 and silver in 2014.

Schlierenzauer’s last World Cup win was Dec. 6, 2014.

The new ski jumping stars are Poland’s Kamil Stoch — who swept the normal and large hill events in Sochi and just won his first Four Hills Tournament title — German Severin Freund and Slovenian brothers Domen and Peter Prevc.

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Austrian ski jumper partially paralyzed after crash

Ski Jumping
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GRAZ, Austria (AP) — Doctors say Austrian ski jumper Lukas Mueller has been left partially paralyzed after crashing in practice for the sky flying world championship.

Mueller sustained an “incomplete paraplegia” and has some sensitivity in his legs, according to chief surgeon Franz-Josef Seibert of the Graz hospital, where Mueller had emergency surgery on his spine on Wednesday.

Doctors operated to stabilize his spine after a fracture between the sixth and seventh vertebrae, but Mueller is unable to move his legs. He is able to breathe on his own.

Seibert and other doctors say it would be “not serious” to predict if and when Mueller could walk again.

Hospital director Gernot Brunner says it could take a year before doctors would have a better idea about the scope of the injury and Mueller’s prognosis.

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