London accuses Rio of stealing documents


We’re not sure who is showing less Olympic spirit: the Rio organizers who allegedly stole internal documents from the London organizers by downloading them without authorization, or the London organizers who didn’t learn how to share when in school.

The two Olympic committees are working in cooperation as part of an official “knowledge transfer” program, but London members claim their friends from Rio went too far when they stole documents that detail strategic and security planning from the 2012 host’s technology department.

“We can confirm that there were some files received without our permission,” a London spokesman told the Telegraph. “But the Rio organizing committee acted swiftly and returned the files promptly.”

Nine members of the Rio delegation have been ousted from their jobs according to the Brazilian media.

To be fair, the two committees were set to get together for an official debrief in November, and London says they would have provided the documents to Rio if they had simply asked, so really this is about the principle of the matter than anything else.