Cameron to boast Olympics on Letterman


Fresh off his nation’s three-week stint in the world-wide Olympic limelight, U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron is set to make an appearance on David Letterman Wednesday night.

Cameron, who famously chided Mitt Romney about the ease of organizing the Salt Lake Games in the “middle of nowhere,” is in New York this week for the 67th general assembly of the United Nations and he apparently plans to use his time in the CBS late night slot to plug British tourism. It will also be a chance for the elected head of the British government to take a break from all of that pesky stuff at the UN – violent uprisings in the Middle East, Europe’s crumbling economy, Israeli-Iranian sword-rattling – to bask in the glow of the London Olympics.

British commentators are oddly anxious about the whole thing, concerned that Letterman, in a “high-risk” interview, will grill Cameron on political matters. It’s unclear how the high-pitched giggling host gained a reputation abroad as the late-night reincarnation of Edward R. Murrow, but the smart money says that Kate Middleton’s nude paparazzi photos or Prince Harry’s naked trip to Vegas – and his subsequent banishment to fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan – will come up a lot earlier in conversation than the long-term viability of the European Union.

Alas, the sad part of the whole thing is that whatever happens in this interview it won’t be nearly as entertaining as when London mayor Boris Johnson sat down with Letterman in June to promote the London Games and to explain that awesome hair of his.