Wrestling’s pitch for the 2020 Olympics


Wrestling’s History: Run by FILA. One of the original ancient sports and a part of every modern Olympics except 1900. Recommended for removal from the Games by the IOC in February.

Notable Stats: 71 nations competed in London last summer, with 29 taking home medals.

The Pitch: It’s wrestling. Everyone loves wrestling, or at least they do ever since the IOC’s surprise vote, when the sport lost every round to the seemingly less popular modern pentathlon and taekwondo. But wrestling has since changed its leadership and updated its match rules to make the sport more aggressive and entertaining.

The Odds: 3 to 2. The Olympics (second) oldest sport is definitely the frontrunner for the spot following some healthy backlash after it was recommended for removal. But the support of its international community, and FILA’s willingness to swap its president and adapt new rules have put wrestling back in the driver’s seat. The only way it doesn’t return is if the IOC feels that it’s another sport’s turn.