Could Barcelona host 2022 Winter Olympics?

Xavier Trias

Spain really, really wants to host the Olympics again.

Should the nation not be awarded the 2020 Olympics in Madrid, it will launch a bid for the 2022 Winter Games in Barcelona, the city’s mayor said in a radio interview, according to The Associated Press.

The Barcelona winter bid has been in the works for years. The city’s previous mayor announced 2022 intentions as far back as 2010. In June, the current mayor, Xavier Trias, ratified the decision to move forward with a potential bid, according to Spanish sports newspaper AS.

Barcelona is proposing using the Pyrenees for mountain events. It would be the first city to host both a summer and a winter Olympics, previously hosting the summer Games in 1992. Average temperatures in Barcelona in February hover around 50 degrees Farenheit, and it has a similar latitude to Chicago.

Madrid, Istanbul and Tokyo are the finalists for the 2020 Olympics, whose host will be decided Sept. 7 in Buenos Aires.

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