Fencer gets punched in the mask, does splits in same bout (videos)


German fencer Carolin Golubytskyi pulled off an impressive triple to reach the women’s foil final at the World Fencing Championships on Wednesday.

She got punched in the mask, did the splits and won her match 13-12 over Italian Elisa Di Francisca in Budapest, Hungary.

In the above video, Di Francisca lunged forward, and her hand went straight into Golubytskyi’s mask. The German, obviously dazed, stumbled backward and fell to the floor, removing her mask.

“The mask does protect you, but on a shot like that, that was a train crash,” a Universal Sports commentator said.

Watch until the end to see Di Francisca’s arm-waving reaction. That footage is particularly interesting given this is not the first time the Italian struck the German with something other than a sword in a bout.

A similar instance of contact with the German’s head occurred in the round of 16 bout between Golubytskyi and Di Francisca at the 2012 Olympics, according to a German report.

But back to Wednesday’s semifinal. Earlier in the bout, Golubytskyi slid into the splits, as shown below. The German went on to win silver, falling in the final to Italian Arianna Errigo.