London Olympic opening ceremony stuntman who parachuted in as James Bond dies

Mark Sutton

The stuntman who portrayed James Bond parachuting into the London Olympic Stadium during the opening ceremony last summer died in a wing-diving accident Wednesday.

Mark Sutton, 42, crashed into a Swiss Alps mountain ridge after jumping out of a helicopter from more than 10,000 feet in the air, according to Swiss police via NBC News.

“Mark was a very experienced pilot,” said Trey Cook, editor-in-chief for Epic TV, which organized the event. “Conditions were good yesterday and people had been flying extremely conservatively in the practice flights, but unfortunately this is a sport where there is very little margin for error.”

Wing-suit flying involves flying through the air in a specially designed device that adds surface area to the human body, enabling a significant increase in lift.

Sometimes referred too as “birdman” and “flying squirrel” suits, fabric is placed under the arms and between the legs, allowing users to simulate flying.

Danny Boyle, who directed the London Olympic opening ceremony, paid tribute to Sutton in the Evening Standard.

“The show was built from so many contributions from so many people, none finer and braver than Mark Sutton’s,” Boyle said. “On behalf of everyone in the show we were all honored to have him worked with him and to have known him as a friend and a professional.”

In the opening ceremony, Sutton and another stuntman portraying Queen Elizabeth II parachuted in above the Olympic Stadium after the famous video of Bond greeting the Queen (and her corgis) at Buckingham Palace.

Below is the video of the Bond-Queen opening ceremony scene that was such a hit at the opening ceremony.