Bode Miller competes against other athletes in golf’s Big Break Celebrity Challenge (video)

Bode Miller

Bode Miller‘s golf game could use some work.

Miller, the five-time Olympic Alpine skiing medalist, took to the links to try his hand in Golf Channel’s Big Break Celebrity Challenge. He entered a chipping contest to break a glass sign several yards away at the American Century Championship.

As Miller took swing after swing over more than 3 minutes, a voice could be heard saying, “He’s going to need another bucket,” to which Miller, in ultimate Bode fashion, responded, “Shut up.”

“You’re going to need some sod over here,” Miller said after he finished, referencing the large chunk of grass he displaced with his swings.

All but one of his fellow athlete competitors beat Miller’s time of 3:27. Retired MLB pitcher Derek Lowe won by breaking the glass on his first attempt (three seconds). Hockey goalie Martin Brodeur, first basemen Fred McGriff and Kevin Millar and wide receiver Tim Brown also beat Miller.

Another retired wideout, Jerry Rice, did not finish, giving up after about 50 seconds, saving Miller from finishing last.

Miller finished 47th in a field of 85 at the American Century Championship in July,

If there’s a silver lining it’s that Miller fared much better than on a golf outing last fall, when a ball he hit smacked wife Morgan in the left eye. He also sported a pretty cool Solden cap, a reminder that the Alpine skiing World Cup season begins Oct. 26-27 with women’s and men’s giant slaloms in Solden, Austria.

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