Get To Know Sochi: Russian seaside resort welcomes the world for Olympics


Compared to recent Olympic settings such as Beijing, Vancouver and London, the Russian city of Sochi was not a well-known place when it was awarded it the 2014 Olympic Winter Games back in 2007.

That’s changing.

Once a favored holiday spot for both Communist party officials and Soviet workers, Sochi has now become the warmest site ever to host a Winter Olympics. It’s a unique setting, with both the waters of the Black Sea and the snow-capped Caucasus Mountains nearby.

At the center of the Sochi Olympics is Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, whose fingerprints have been all over the competition from inception to realization. As NBC Olympics correspondents Vladimir Pozner and David Remnick explained last night to Bob Costas, Putin wants a successful Olympics that shows off the new Russia.

That’s the start of a series of videos that’ll help introduce Sochi to Olympics viewers.