Sage Kotsenburg to slopestyle finals, tweets his amazement


Shaun White won’t compete in the upcoming snowboard slopestyle finals, but that doesn’t mean America won’t be represented, as Sage Kotsenburg is among the four competitors who made it past the semifinals.

Kotsenburg, 20, enjoyed the second-best run of the semifinals with a 90.50 score, just behind Billy Morgan (90.75). Mark McMorris (89.25) came in third while Yuki Kadano took foruth with an 84.75 score.

UPDATE: He later won the gold, too.

Seppe Smits barely missed the mark with an 84.50 mark. Two Americans came close to joining Kotsenburg, as Ryan Stassel managed an 83.25 mark while Charles Guldemond generated a 79.75 run.