Shaun White battles back from injuries on way to Sochi


Shaun White admitted that he’s “antsy” to complete his bid for a third consecutive gold medal in snowboard slopestyle. It’s easy to understand why, especially when you consider his road back from a significant injury, which you can learn more about in this video feature.

“I go up and down,” White says. “I’m excited, then I’m not excited because I’m, not nervous, but just kind of antsy. And it builds and snowballs into other things, and it’s just a lot of mixed feelings rolled up into one …”

Despite being the most iconic star in his sport, White still faces plenty of challenges, especially with injuries and difficult training sessions in mind.

Considering the pressure and tough gut decision to pull out of snowboard slopestyle, the 27-year-old thanked his fans for all of the support.

“You’re the best,” White said. “You support me through the decisions I make, the training regimen. You show up to the contests. You watch it on TV, and I feel it. … I want to do my best, not only for myself but for you guys. Wish me luck and here we go.”