WATCH LIVE: Bode Miller and Ted Ligety face long odds in men’s super combined slalom


Bode Miller and Ted Ligety didn’t have the downhill runs they wanted in super combined, but there’s still a chance they can make a run with an inspired performance in the slalom portion, which begins at 6:30 a.m. ET.


Ligety, 29, is considered one of the great technical skiers, so he can make a big jump … but it will probably have to be a significant bit of work as he trails first place by nearly two seconds. Miller, 36, is more renowned for his downhill speed yet faces a smaller gap to close in trailing by 1.43.

Both aren’t totally out of it, yet there are plenty of other skiers who can thwart their attempts to land on the podium.

Kjetil Jansrud leads the pack, yet Ondrej Bank and Matthias Mayer are right behind him in second and third. They aren’t the only formidable opponents, either, as Ivica Kostelic lingers as a threat despite being in ninth place because he’s a strong slalom performer.

In other words, Miller and Ligety need memorable runs to grab a medal. Click here to see if they can do just that.