WATCH LIVE: Slovenia vs. Slovakia in men’s ice hockey, featuring Zdeno Chara


Slovenia and Slovakia share enough letters to confuse people, even if they aren’t border countries. It should be fairly easy to tell them apart on the ice, however, especially when 6-foot-9 Slovak defenseman Zdeno Chara is on the ice.


Slovakia vs. Slovenia: 3 a.m. ET – CLICK HERE TO WATCH LIVE

Slovakia came into the Olympics as a dark horse candidate, yet the U.S. made some of the team’s proponents go silent with a 7-1 drubbing. People can often overreact to single games, as Slovakia still has a chance to at least be a pesky opponent. Winning this game could be helpful for seeding purposes.

Slovenia has more of a “happy to be there” feel, as they put together an admirable effort against Russia and remain a hockey program in its infancy. Stealing a win against Slovakia could be a huge moment for Anze Kopitar & Co.