Oranje crush: Dutch speed skaters surpassing … everyone

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source: AP
Jorritt Bergsma wins the men’s 10,000 meters. (Photo credit: AP)

The Dutch have been a speed skating powerhouse for years. But they’ve raised their game at Sochi.

A sweep of the men’s 10,000 meters on Tuesday (its fourth sweep in Sochi) gave the Netherlands its 20th medal of these Olympics — and 19th in speed skating. If it sounds like a ridiculous amount, well, that’s because it is.

That stat didn’t make it through all of Day 11 thanks to a U.S. gold medal by David Wise in freestyle skiing halfpipe, but the overall point remains. The Dutch are crushing it on the ice. (That 20th medal is in short track, so one could say they still have as many medals on ice skates as any other country has won overall.)

And they’re not done yet.

Those remaining three events — the women’s 5,000 meters and the team pursuit relays for women and men — give the Dutch a great chance for at least two more medals. Until the now, the most dominant any country had been in one event at a single Games was Austria skiing in 2006.

As you’d expect, this kind of dominance has others just shaking their heads, and occasionally sick to their stomach. Though, Sven Kramer might feeling the same way.