South Korea wins gold in short track 3000m relay


South Korea continued its streak of winning a short track gold in every Winter Olympics since 1992, as they took the top spot in the women’s 3000m relay on Tuesday.

Canada earned silver while Italy grabbed bronze after China received a penalty in a frenetic race. Cameras caught South Korea’s coach celebrating boisterously after the win, while the women’s team members shed tears of joy.

That emotional outpouring can be explained at least partially by the first-place finish the team missed out on in Vancouver, as Reuters reports.

“Even though I did not take part in the Vancouver Olympics … when I crossed the line I thought of that moment four years ago when my country was disqualified,” Shim Suk-Hee said.

In other short track news, J.R. Celski advanced to the quarterfinals in the men’s 500m.