Eric Frenzel: Nordic combined athletes are ‘kings of Nordic winter sport’


With a wide variety of sports favoring different body types, comparing different athletes can be difficult. German Nordic combined skier Eric Frenzel isn’t afraid to pump up the difficulty of his sport to Reuters, however, noting the difficult balance between speed in the cross-country portions and power in the ski jumping.

“It’s the hardest … You must be good in your head and good in your body. You need a lot of power,” Frenzel said after winning gold in the individual normal hill event.

“For me, the Nordic combined athletes are the kings of Nordic winter sport.”

The United States’ Bill Demong notes that training is a long-term process, with results sometimes taking months to really reveal themselves.

“It’s not like you eat a hamburger and gain a pound,” Demong said. “It takes days for anything, whether it’s sleep or training, to start taking effect … The training I do in November is coming through now so there are a lot of big picture things you need to pay attention to.”

From the way Demong and Frenzel discuss the sport, it’s as difficult a balance to maintain in all of sports.