Meryl Davis, Charlie White draw laughs on Colbert Report (video)

Charlie White

Stephen Colbert brought the Olympic ice dance champions in for an interview and accused Charlie White of cheating. In jest, of course.

“I’m not suggesting that either of you is on performance-enhancing drugs, but your hair must be doping, right?” the Comedy Central host asked. “Even extensions, or anything like that?”

White had a good laugh and then answered.

“It’s definitely a part of our persona on the ice,” White said. “It’s set us apart. It works well.”

Colbert, who famously helped fund the 2010 U.S. Olympic Speed Skating Team, had Meryl Davis and White on “The Colbert Report” on Wednesday. White had said going on the show fulfilled a dream. Colbert, too, seemed in awe.

“Meryl is from a magic planet where Disney princesses come from,” Colbert said, turning to White, “and your hair is a magic carpet.”

Colbert showed the now-famous footage of Davis and White skating together as children and asked how they were able to stay dedicated for 17 years together. Davis credited their parents, who joined the skaters for their New York media tour Wednesday.

Davis remarked that they enjoyed success from the start, to which Colbert interjected quickly.

“Few people enjoy sucking, Charlie,” the host said.

Colbert asked Davis if the former hockey player White ever checked her into the boards.

“I’m not supposed to talk about that,” she joked.

He also asked six times if Davis and White were a couple (they are of course not) and then did a twizzle in his chair, drawing approval from the gold medalists.

Watch the segment here:

Davis, White talk future on New York media tour