Tedy Bruschi, retired NFL player, running Boston Marathon

Tedy Bruschi

BOSTON — One of the more recognizable faces running the Boston Marathon is former Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi.

Bruschi, 40, is running for his charity, Tedy’s Team.

“Football players can’t last the distance most of the time,” Bruschi said, laughing, in an interview with the Boston Globe before starting Monday. “There is an old saying in football that the season isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. So you sort of compare it to the marathon runner because of the endurance that they have.”

Bruschi ran the Boston Marathon in 2012 and watched last year’s race from a window at the Lenox Hotel near the finish line when he saw the first bomb explode.

“Not just us, but all of the charities that are running today are running for more of a special sort of tone,” Bruschi said. “We all remember last year, when we were running and got stopped. Or you ran and you finished, or you were there. … We’re all going to finish together today.”

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