Sage Kotsenburg talks portfolio, gold medal on ‘Mad Money’ (video)

Sage Kotsenburg

Olympic snowboard slopestyle champion Sage Kotsenburg discussed his diversified portfolio and took his gold medal out of a white sock on “Mad Money” with Jim Cramer on CNBC on Friday night.

“I’m stoked to be here,” Kotsenburg said.

Kotsenburg, 20, brought the former hedge-fund manager Cramer, 59, a present — a Wheaties box with Cramer’s face on it. Kotsenburg called it a “sick” gift.

“I don’t feel sick right now,” Cramer said.

“Sick is good in our world,” Kotsenburg responded.

Kotsenburg is sponsored by Wheaties, GoPro, Nike and Monster and talked about the companies with the gushing show host. He then pulled a white sock out of his pocket and took his Olympic gold medal out of it.

“You’ve got to keep it in a sock … so it doesn’t get all damaged,” Kotsenburg said.

“That’s like a bank, right, for the younger people?” Cramer said. “That’s like a safety deposit box for the younger people, I get it. Word.”

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