Dutch cyclist cheats death twice, avoids both Malaysian Airlines flights

Maarten de Jonge

A Dutch cyclist almost rode both recent disaster-fated Malaysian Airlines flights, MH17 that was shot down over Ukraine on Thursday and MH370, which went missing March 8.

Maarten de Jonge switched out of last week’s flight that was shot down, killing nearly 300 on board, to save money.

“How happy I am for myself and my family that I was on this flight and did not take it the last moment; my story is ultimately nothing compared to the misery in which so many people are dead,” he said on his website in Dutch, according to the Telegraph.

De Jonge also said he switched from MH370 in March to avoid a lengthy layover, according to the newspaper. He took a different flight around the same time and said he spoke to people who were to board MH370 that went missing over the Indian Ocean.

“It’s inconceivable,” he reportedly told Dutch broadcaster RTV Oost.

De Jonge remained undeterred and said he planned to board a Malaysia Airlines flight Sunday, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

“You should try not to worry too much because then you won’t get anywhere,” he reportedly told RTV Oost. “I have been lucky twice, this will be the third time as well.”

De Jonge is a member of a pro cycling team based in Malaysia.

A former Dutch athlete was aboard MH17 — Connie Stuiver, the 1992 Dutch national figure skating silver medalist.

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