Reeva Steenkamp’s mom says justice was not served in Oscar Pistorius trial (video)

Barry Steenkamp, June Steenkamp
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Reeva Steenkamp‘s parents said they were in “disbelief” over Oscar Pistorius being found not guilty of murdering their daughter and guilty of a lesser charge, culpable homicide, on Friday. They also want to meet with Pistorius, according to NBC News.

“This verdict is not justice for Reeva,” her mother, June Steenkamp, told NBC News. “I just want the truth.

“I can’t believe that they believe that it was an accident.”

“I just don’t feel that this is the right sentence. They believe his story. And I don’t believe that story. That’s the difference.”

June Steenkamp said she doesn’t care what happens to Pistorius, who is out on bail and returns for sentencing on Oct. 13.

“It’s not going to change anything because my daughter’s never coming back,” June Steenkamp said. “He’s still living and breathing, you know, and she’s gone, forever.”

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