Paula Radcliffe set for first race since pulling out of London Olympics

Paula Radcliffe

Marathon world record holder Paula Radcliffe will run her first race in more than two years Sunday, a 10km road race in her native England.

Radcliffe, 40, has a goal of completing the 10km in under 35 minutes, according to the Guardian. Her 10km personal best is 30:01.09.

The only woman to run a marathon under 2:18 (which she’s done three times) pulled out before the London Olympic marathon due to a foot injury. She could not jog for nearly nine months, according to the newspaper.

“It got to the point where I would pick up my daughter, Isla, from school and I’d be psyching up to walk there because my foot was going to be that sore,” Radcliffe told the Guardian. “And the school was only 200 meters away. It was horrible. For a long time my ambition wasn’t about getting back and competing. It was just trying to get my foot healthy.”

Now she’s running 70- to 105-mile weeks, the report said.

She has said she thinks she can do one more marathon, probably the London Marathon, which is held in April and she has won three times. Radcliffe hasn’t run a marathon in almost three years.

“At the minute things are working towards London pretty well, and I’d love to run New York as well,” the three-time New York City Marathon winner said. “In fact I’d love to run lots more races, but I don’t want to wreck my foot.”

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