Tokyo 1964 Olympic cauldron removed from stadium

Tokyo 1964 Olympic cauldron

The Tokyo 1964 Olympic cauldron was wrapped up and removed from its stadium perch on the 50-year anniversary of its Opening Ceremony on Friday.

The 6-foot, 10-inch and 5,000-pound cauldron will be loaned to Ishinomaki, a city rocked by a March 2011 tsunami, according to Japanese reports.

The Tokyo Olympic Stadium was supposed to be demolished three months ago, but reports now say it will begin by the end of the year. A new stadium will be built and used for the 2020 Olympics.

The old cauldron will have a place at a museum next to the new stadium after it’s built, according to the Yomiuri Shimbun.

The 1964 Olympic cauldron lighter died one month ago.

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