Bangalore half marathon leaders get lost, forced to take train

Bangalore Marathon

Leaders of a half marathon in Bangalore, India, followed a pace car that missed a U-turn, leading them to abandon the race once they realized the mistake Sunday.

“There were no officials on the road where we supposed to take a U-turn,” Inderjit Patel, one of the lost runners, told the Times of India. “We were hoping to finish soon when the officials asked us to turn back. At that point there was no point in continuing the race and we decided to stop.”

At least nine runners were among the lost leading group, one runner told the newspaper.

“We had to beg for twenty rupees as we didn’t have any money with us,” Soji Mathew told the Times of India. “Luckily, some morning joggers helped us and also guided us to the nearest metro station.”

The third-place finisher said he ran at least one extra kilometer.

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