Michael Phelps plans to compete in April


Michael Phelps plans to return to competition following his suspension at the Pro Swim Series event in Mesa, Ariz., from April 15-18, according to several German media reports and confirmed by his coach, Bob Bowman.

Phelps, who was in Munich on Friday, repeated that he has not committed to making a run for the Rio Olympics yet.

“I’ve enjoyed, lately, more than I really ever have being back in the water,” Phelps said. “I haven’t had that kind of excitement that I had in a long time. It’s just me feeling I guess like me again. I’m trying to build back a base again.”

In 2014, Phelps made his return from a 20-month competitive retirement at the Mesa meet. He was suspended for six months on Oct. 6 by USA Swimming, following a DUI arrest. Phelps will also not swim at this summer’s World Championships.

Phelps also swam a few laps in the Munich 1972 Olympic swimming pool, the same pool where Mark Spitz won seven gold medals.

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