Brazil’s president offers Barack Obama ‘standing invitation’ to Rio Olympics

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U.S. President Barack Obama was offered a “standing invitation” to the Rio Olympics by Brazil President Dilma Rousseff in a joint White House news conference on Tuesday.

Obama hasn’t attended an Olympics as president.

Vice President Joe Biden attended the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games. First Lady Michelle Obama attended the London 2012 Games. Then-Deputy Secretary of State William Burns attended the Sochi 2014 Winter Games.

If he doesn’t attend the Rio Games, Obama will become the first U.S. president not to attend an Olympics during his time in office since George H. W. Bush, who had one term in office including two Olympics.

Like Obama, Bush’s term included zero Olympics held in the U.S., unlike the two presidents in between Bush and Obama.

Obama flew to Copenhagen in 2009 for the International Olympic Committee vote to choose the 2016 Olympic host city. Chicago was a finalist, losing to Rio de Janeiro.

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