Los Angeles 2024 Olympic leader: ‘Our bid can’t be about 1984’


Los Angeles 2024 bid chairman Casey Wasserman called the city’s Olympic legacy both an advantage and a disadvantage in an interview with NBC4 in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles, one of five cities bidding for the 2024 Olympics, hopes to become the second city to host three Olympics (London is the other). L.A. hosted the 1932 and 1984 Summer Games.

“Our bid can’t be about 1984,” said Wasserman, who added that Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti first reached out to him about leading the L.A. bid 18 months ago. “We have a wonderful Olympic heritage from ’32 and ’84 … yet we have to present that this is a new city, for sure, since 1984, and it will be a new Games.”

Wasserman said 85 percent of the facilities are going to be built regardless of if the city will host the 2024 Olympics (determined in a 2017 International Olympic Committee members vote) and that 80 percent of the venues would be different from 1984.

“A pretty compelling economic opportunity,” Wasserman said of the 2024 Games.

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