Russian athletes sent home from World Military Games for being drunk, rowdy on plane

Russia flag
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SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Nine Russian athletes, trainers and journalists were sent back home from South Korea on Friday after allegedly being drunk and rowdy on a plane, South Korean police said.

The Russian group had been barred from entering South Korea shortly after arriving at Incheon International Airport aboard a Korean Air flight on Thursday to attend a military sports competition, according to airport police.

Police said the Russian delegation made loud noises and blocked off an aisle in protest after crew members refused to serve them more alcohol.

The public affairs office at Korean Air Lines Co. couldn’t immediately confirm the delegation’s behavior.

The Russian group includes two female swimmers, both active duty soldiers who had planned to compete at the Military World Games that are to open in the South Korean city of Mungyeong on Friday. The games are to run until Oct. 11.

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