Kohei Uchimura

World Gymnastics Championships men’s team, all-around, event finals qualifiers

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Here are the World Gymnastics Championships men’s finals qualifiers for the team competition (Wednesday) and, with a maximum two gymnasts per nation, the all-around (Friday) and apparatus finals (Saturday and Sunday):

1. Japan — 358.884 (Olympic, World bronze medalist)
2. China — 357.027 (Olympic, World champion)
3. Great Britain — 354.417 (Olympic bronze medalist)
4. Russia — 352.692
5. U.S. — 350.332 (World bronze medalist)
6. Switzerland — 350.127
7. Brazil — 349.057
8. South Korea — 346.166

1. Kohei Uchimura (JPN) — 90.564 (Olympic, five-time World champion)
2. Oleg Verniaiev (UKR) — 90.131
3. Daniel Purvis (GBR) — 88.956
4. Danell Leyva (USA) — 88.898 (Olympic bronze medalist)
5. Deng Shudi (CHN) — 88.832
6. Xiao Ruoteng (CHN) — 88.698
7. Manrique Larduet (CUB) — 88.656
8. Kazuma Kaya (JPN) — 88.431
9. Max Whitlock (GBR) — 88.365 (World silver medalist)
10. Arthur Mariano (BRA) — 88.182
11. Pablo Braegger (SUI) — 87.765
12. David Belyavskiy (RUS) — 87.665
13. Nikolai Kuksenkov (RUS) — 87.398
14. Christian Baumann (SUI) — 86.932
15. Minsoo Park (KOR) — 86.732
16. Lucas Bitencourt (BRA) — 86.564
17. Bart Deurloo (NED) — 86.465
18. Dzmitry Barkalau (BLR) — 86.265
19. Axel Augis (FRA) — 85.899
20. Ruben Lopez (ESP) — 85.598
21. Andrey Likhovitskiy (BLR) — 85.598
22. Fabian Hambuechen (GER) — 85.498 (Three-time World medalist)
23. Cristian Bataga (ROU) — 85.431
24. Jim Zona (FRA) — 85.431
DID NOT QUALIFY: Marcel Nguyen (GER) — Olympic silver medalist, Yusuke Tanaka (JPN) — World bronze medalist

1. Kenzo Shirai (JPN) — 16.100 (2013 World champion)
2. Deng Shudi (CHN) — 15.366
3. Rayderley Zapata (ESP) — 15.266
4. Kim Hansol (KOR) — 15.266
5. Tomas Gonzalez (CHI) — 15.200
6. Max Whitlock (GBR) — 15.200
7. Manrique Larduet (CUB) — 15.166
8. Daniel Purvis (GBR) — 14.966 (2010 World bronze medalist)
DID NOT QUALIFY: Denis Ablyazin (RUS) — 2014 World champion; Kohei Uchimura (JPN) — 2011 World champion

1. Danell Leyva (USA) — 15.566
2. Kohei Uchimura (JPN) — 15.366 (Three-time World medalist)
3. Arthur Mariano (BRA) — 15.300
4. Fabian Hambuechen (GER) — 15.200 (Two Olympic medals, three World medals)
5. Andreas Bretschneider (GER) — 15.066
6. Chris Brooks (USA) — 15.066
7. Manrique Larduet (CUB) — 15.058
8. Oliver Hegi (SUI) — 15.033
DID NOT QUALIFY: Epke Zonderland (NED) — Olympic, World champion

1. Oleg Verniaiev (UKR) — 16.133 (World champion)
2. Yusuke Tanaka (JPN) — 15.758
3. Oleg Stepko (AZE) — 15.700
4. Hao You (CHN) — 15.700
5. Manrique Larduet (CUB) — 15.666
6. Danell Leyva (USA) — 15.633 (2013 World champion)
7. Deng Shudi (CHN) — 15.533
8. Nile Wilson (GBR) — 15.500
DID NOT QUALIFY: Kohei Uchimura (JPN) — 2013 co-World champion

1. Louis Smith (GBR) — 15.533 (Five-time Olympic/World medalist)
2. Harutyun Merdinyan (ARM) — 15.466
3. Robert Seligman (CRO) — 15.400
4. Kazuma Kaya (JPN) — 15.300
5. Alex Naddour (USA) — 15.266
6. Max Whitlock (GBR) — 15.266 (Olympic bronze medalist)
7. Vid Hidvegi (HUN) — 15.166
8. Oleg Verniaiev (UKR) — 15.166
DID NOT QUALIFY: Krisztian Berki (HUN) — Olympic, three-time World champion

1. Eleftherios Petrounias (GRE) — 15.900
2. Liu Yang (CHN) — 15.866 (World champion)
3. Brandon Wynn (USA) — 15.608 (2013 World bronze medalist)
4. Davtyan Vahagn (ARM) — 15.566
5. Samir Ait Said (FRA) — 15.566
6. Lambertus van Gelder (NED) — 15.533
7. Hao You (CHN) — 15.500 (World bronze medalist)
8. Donnell Whittenburg (USA) — 15.466
DID NOT QUALIFY: Arthur Zanetti (BRA) — Olympic champion, 2013 World champion

1. Ri Se Gwang (PRK) — 15.524 (World champion)
2. Denis Ablyazin (RUS) — 15.483 (Olympic silver medalist)
3. Marian Dragulescu (ROU) — 15.416 (Four-time World champion)
4. Kim Hansol (KOR) — 15.250
5. Oleg Verniaiev (UKR) — 15.216
6. Kenzo Shirai (JPN) — 15.166
7. Igor Radivilov (UKR) — 15.166 (Olympic bronze medalist)
8. Donnell Whittenburg (USA) — 15.133
DID NOT QUALIFY: Kristian Thomas (GBR) — 2013 World bronze medalist

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Hayato Sakamoto, Japanese baseball MVP, tests positive for coronavirus

Hayato Sakamoto
Getty Images
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Hayato Sakamoto, an MVP of Japan’s Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) league, is one of two players from the Yomiuri Giants to test positive for the coronavirus, according to several Japanese media reports.

Sakamoto, a 31-year-old shortstop, and catcher Takumi Oshiro tested positive ahead of the NPB’s planned June 19 start to the season that had been delayed to the coronavirus.

The tests showed traces of the coronavirus, according to Kyodo News.

The Giants canceled Wednesday’s practice game with the Seibu Lions to limit the spread of the virus.

Sakamoto is the reigning Central League MVP. He has been called the Derek Jeter of Japan for playing the same position as the Yankee great and being the veteran captain of Japan’s equivalent club, the Giants, which own a record 22 Japan Series titles.

Sakamoto, who played in the last two World Baseball Classics, has been considered a lock for Japan’s baseball team at the Tokyo Games in 2021 as the most well known active player who hasn’t left for Major League Baseball. MLB is not expected to allow its top players to participate in the Olympics, which would keep the likes of Shohei Ohtani and Masahiro Tanaka off the Olympic roster.

The sport returns to the Olympic program for the first time since 2008, though it is not on the 2024 Olympic program nor guaranteed a place at the 2028 Los Angeles Games.

Japan reached the semifinals of all five Olympic baseball tournaments when the sport was previously on the medal program but never took gold.

In a 2018 survey, Sakamoto was ranked as Japan’s eighth-most popular athlete across all sports, foreign or domestic, active or retired.

Sky Brown, 11-year-old Olympic skateboard hopeful, suffers serious injuries in fall

Sky Brown Skateboard Fall
Getty Images
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Sky Brown, an 11-year-old British Olympic skateboarding hopeful, recently suffered her worst fall, requiring surgery, she said in a video posted from a hospital bed.

Brown suffered skull fractures and broke her left wrist and hand and was at first unresponsive upon arrival to a hospital, according to the BBC, which quoted her father.

Video of the fall from a skateboarding ramp was posted on her social media. She appeared to be wearing a helmet in the video.

“I don’t usually post my falls or talk about them because I want people to see the fun in what I do,” Brown said. “But this was my worst fall, and I just want everyone to know that, it’s OK, don’t worry. I’m OK. It’s OK to fall sometimes. I’m just going to get back up and push even harder. I know there’s a lot of things going on in the world right now. I want everyone to know that whatever we do, we’ve just go to do it with love and happiness.”

Brown is the 2019 World bronze medalist in the new Olympic sport’s park discipline.

Later Tuesday, Brown reposted an Instagram post from what appeared to be her father’s account. The caption of that post said Brown fell 15 feet to flat concrete.

“I held her in my arms and she bled helplessly moaning in and out of consciousness waiting for the helicopter to take her to the Hospital,” the caption read. “We spent the night sick and terrified not knowing if Sky was going to make it through the night, as the ICU team tried to get her conscious and kept her alive.

“4 days later Sky sits across from me with her full memory back, smiling, watching TikTok while Eating her favorite bad snacks.”

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Last week the worst thing I could ever ever imagined happened to @skybrown . She fell about 15ft off the side of a vert ramp to flat concrete. I held her in my arms and she bled helplessly moaning in and out of consciousness waiting for the helicopter to take her to the Hospital. We spent the night sick and terrified not knowing if Sky was going to make it through the night, as the ICU team tried to get her conscious and kept her alive. We prayed and begged God to give Sky another chance. Word came back while she was still unconscious, multiple fractures to her skull, a broken left arm, which she broke into pieces because she used it to break her fall, broken right fingers and lacerations to her heart and lungs. 4 days later Sky sits across from me with her full memory back, smiling, watching TikTok while Eating her favorite bad snacks. More importantly her Doctors and the trauma team say it’s a miracle how well she is dealing with the pain and recovering incredibly fast. They said it’s shocking and believe it’s because of her grit, positivity and attitude. Skys brother @oceanbrown has been so brave. He saw his sister fall to the ground lying in a pool of blood and was screaming in tears that night outside of the hospital. He has still not allowed into the hospital to see her. They miss each-other dearly, but no siblings are allowed to enter the hospital because of coronavirus. They’ve been spending hours a day on FaceTime with each other making funny faces to one another in fits of giggles and laughter. Sky promises Ocean daily that she will make a fast recovery so they can be together again. Sky is constantly joking and smiling and it’s hurts my heart to even imagine for a second a world without Sky; extremely thankful that I don’t have to. Thank you to the heroes that are the doctors, nurses and hospital staff that have tirelessly worked on her and helped her get to this point.

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