Olympic rings in Hamburg break Guinness World Record

Hamburg 2024 Olympic rings
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More than 6,000 people formed Guinness World Record-breaking giant Olympic rings in Hamburg, Germany, on Sunday, ahead of a Nov. 29 public vote on whether the bid should continue.

Guinness World Records declared it “the largest human image of the Olympic rings,” with 6,211 people in the formation. It broke the previous mark of 3,206 people set in Great Britain for the London 2012 Games.

Those opposed to the Hamburg bid laid the word “NO” next to the Olympic rings, but those for the Games formed the letter W to turn the word into “NOW,” according to The Associated Press.

Hamburg, if it goes ahead with the bid, will compete against Budapest, Los Angeles, Paris and Rome for the 2024 Olympics. International Olympic Committee members will vote to choose the host city in September 2017.

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