Ian Thorpe may never swim again

Ian Thorpe
Getty Images

Retired Australian Olympic champion Ian Thorpe said a surgeon told him he won’t be able to swim recreationally again due to his surgically repaired left shoulder, according to the Australian.

“I have taken about five strokes, but I can’t lift my arm out of the water,” Thorpe said, according to the newspaper. “Maybe in another 12 months I’ll be able to do something because it’s already far ­better than the surgeon expected.

“But he still thinks I won’t be able to do it.’’

Thorpe, 33, retired after a failed comeback bid for the 2012 Olympics and has had four left shoulder surgeries, according to the Daily Telegraph.

He was the biggest star in swimming before Michael Phelps, capturing nine medals combined in the 2000 and 2004 Olympics.

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