Manny Pacquiao: I need to ask Filipino people about Olympics

Manny Pacquiao
Getty Images

MANILA, Philippines (AP) — Boxing great Manny Pacquiao told reporters he was still thinking whether to participate in the Olympics in August after he was proclaimed Thursday a winner of a Philippine Senate seat, bringing him closer to a possible crack at the presidency.

“I need to ask if the Filipino people will allow me to participate in the Olympics,” he said, because he might be criticized again for being absent from the Senate.

The head of the International Boxing Association (AIBA) has proposed allowing pros in the Olympics, though it’s doubtful the plan would be implemented by Rio because qualification tournaments are either under way or have already been held for boxers in most countries.

Earlier this year, Pacquiao said that he planned to retire from boxing to become a full-time politician.

Asked by The Associated Press if his next target is the presidency, Pacquiao smiled, then said, “Nothing, nothing, nothing” as he rode into his black Cadillac SUV after his proclamation.

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