Usain Bolt asked how many girlfriends he has in kids’ press conference (video)


Hand a kid a microphone in front of Usain Bolt, and you never know what will be said.

Last month, a child asked Bolt in the Cayman Islands — what is one plus two?

Last week, Digicel held a half-hour press conference with Bolt to promote its “Bring the Beat” campaign, gathering children from across the Caribbean to pose questions to the world’s fastest man.

Kid 1: What is your greatest fear?”

Bolt: To lose at the Olympics.

Kid 2: What is your best personal achievement?

Bolt: Winning the World Juniors in Jamaica [the 200m in 2002], and the reason is because it was actually in Jamaica. Because I did it in my front of my home crowd.

And finally …

Kid 3: How many girlfriends do you have?

Bolt: One. One. One. One. I have one girlfriend (laughs). Anyone feel hot?

Kid 4. That’s why they call it the hot seat.

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