Jordan Spieth looks forward to Olympics, ‘pending scheduling changes’

Jordan Spieth
Getty Images

Jordan Spieth is looking forward to a “tremendous honor” of playing in the Olympics, but, like most Olympic hopefuls, is monitoring the health situation in Brazil before 100 percent committing to the Rio Games.

Spieth, who defends his U.S. Open title this week, told a reporter Monday that he was “putting words into my mouth” when the reporter asked why Spieth had decided to go to Rio “for sure.”

Spieth clarified that he planned to go to the Rio Olympics “pending scheduling changes” and could also shift gears if he deems it a “significant health threat.”

“I’m not sure where I’ll play next, even after this week,” Spieth said. “I mean, you just never know. But right now, I’m pretty confident with what we’ve heard from not only the PGA Tour but our personal outreach, and I think being an Olympian is just an absolute tremendous honor. Do I think being an Olympian outweighs any significant health threat? No. If I thought that the threat was significant, I certainly would not go.

“But based on what’s come to my knowledge at this point, it seems like it’s going to be an extremely memorable experience and look forward to trying to win a gold for the United States.”

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