Jamaican Olympic sprinter says he got Zika virus

Kemar Bailey-Cole
Getty Images

Kemar Bailey-Cole, a 2012 Olympic 4x100m relay gold medalist for Jamaica, said he recently contracted the Zika virus, according to a Jamaica Gleaner article posted on his social media.

“I didn’t know I had it [Zika virus] until I went to get a haircut,” Bailey-Cole said, according to the report. “After cleaning up, my girlfriend realized a bump was on my neck, which was a lymph node. But long story short, I didn’t know I had the virus, and I have been training with it for like three days now.”

Bailey-Cole, 24, is among the contenders to make the Jamaican Olympic 4x100m relay again at their Olympic Trials next week. He ranked third in the country in the 100m last year and ranks seventh so far this year.

Bailey-Cole missed the 2015 World Championships due to a hamstring injury. He was fourth in the 2013 World Championships 100m.

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