Magnificent Seven reunite on TODAY (video)

Magnificent Seven

Before this year, the Magnificent Seven had not been together in one place in several years.

They’ve recently reunited in advance of the 20th anniversary of their title, including for a TODAY interview that aired Tuesday.

Amanda BordenAmy ChowDominique DawesShannon MillerDominique MoceanuJaycie Phelps and Kerri Strug reflected on those life-changing memories.

All seven are in their 30s. Moceanu, the youngest in Atlanta at age 14, is now 34.

“Everyone is married, either starting families or have families of their own,” Dawes said.

Miller, who owns the U.S. gymnastics record of seven Olympic medals and beat ovarian cancer, said the Atlanta Games feel like a lifetime ago in some ways and like yesterday in others.

“You close your eyes, and you can still smell the sweat and the chalk of the arena,” she said.

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