Michael Johnson on TODAY, now and back in 2000 (video)

Michael Johnson
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Michael Johnson reflected on his three Olympics and showed Natalie Morales how, in retirement, he stays involved in track and field, in a TODAY report Wednesday.

Johnson, who earned gold in all five of his Olympic finals (one later stripped due to a relay members doping), translated that champion’s acumen into Michael Johnson Performance, a training center in Texas.

Morales recently visited Johnson there.

The two looked back at Johnson’s career — from the disappointment of missing the 1992 Olympic 200m final (food poisoning) to sweeping the 1996 Olympic 200m and 400m to the “tragic situation” of what happened after the Sydney 4x400m relay, with Antonio Pettigrew committing suicide, two years after admitting use of performance-enhancing drugs.

Morales also asked who would win if Johnson could turn back the clock and race Usain Bolt.

“I win that race every day,” he said.

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