Man tries and fails to put out Olympic flame with extinguisher (video)

Getty Images

The Olympic torch is making its way toward Rio, and it survived another attempt from a bystander to put out the flame.

It wound through the city of Joinville on Wednesday, where a man emerged from the crowd with a fire extinguisher. He attempted to put out the flame, but failed before getting tackled to the ground by security.

Here’s the video, discovered by

This comes a couple weeks after a man was arrested in Maracaju for trying to douse the flame with a bucket of water.

Controversy has surrounded the torch relay, as well. Last month, a jaguar involved an event was shot dead after it escaped. And in May, a wheelchair basketball player’s disability was questioned after he fell out of his chair before passing the torch along to the next carrier.

Summer Sanders, the four-time Olympic swimming medalist, ran with the flame on Thursday. No incidents were reported.

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