Famous banged-up Jamaican bobsled helmet up for auction

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The helmet that may have saved Dudley Stokes‘ life is up for auction.

Stokes was the driver for the famed Jamaican bobsled team at the 1988 Calgary Games. Their journey from a tropical island to a frozen ice chute in Canada inspired the 1993 movie “Cool Runnings.”

Jamaica had never entered a team in the Winter Olympics, and as you may recall, the bobsled team’s debut didn’t end so well. During their second run, they crashed and had to walk across the finish line.

As the driver, Stokes’ head was the only one perched above the sled at the time of the crash, and it got pinned between the sled and the ice. Obviously, skid marks were left on the yellow helmet.

You can watch the crash here:


Those marks can clearly be seen on the helmet, which can be yours for less than $400 (as of this posting). It popped up this week on RR Auction, and its listed value is $3500. Stokes’ goggles are also available.

According to the site, the helmet was never worn again after that crash because the team received better equipment. The helmet and goggles have been stored in the memorabilia collection for Alan Howat, who is listed as the 1988 Jamaican team captain and manager.

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