Banned from Rio Games: guns, knives, axes, bats … and selfie sticks

Getty Images

In an effort to keep everyone safe, Rio 2016 has released a list of prohibited and restricted items for spectators at Olympic events.

You can guess most of the banned objects: firearms, explosive devices, hazardous substances, knives, scissors, swords, razors, drills, arrows, axes, needles, hammers, pliers, paddles, clubs, bats, handcuffs, laser pointers, strobe lights, and the like.

But toward the end of the list, under “Others,” is a seemingly harmless item, but one that’s sure to be on numerous fans at the Games.

The selfie stick.

Perhaps the organizing committee deemed these sticks too closely related to a club or bat, as it would be possible for a spectator to use one as a weapon?

But how are fans going to take pictures of themselves? By kindly asking someone next to them?

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