What drives 7-time Olympic tennis player Leander Paes? The medal

Photo by Simon Watts/Getty Images

Paes, 43, took bronze in men’s singles at the 1996 Olympics, his second time in the tournament.

The son of an Olympian, Paes’ love for the Games started with his father’s bronze in field hockey at the 1972 Olympics.

Beginning in 1992 and coming back every four years, Paes just can’t get enough of representing his country at the Olympics. Now a doubles player, Paes is fueled by glory.

From CNN.com:

Although Paes came in third in Atlanta, the fact that he earned a medal for India takes it to the top of his career achievements on a personal level.

“It’s on my bedside in a little safe,” he says of his own bronze medal. “I look at it every day when I’m home. I’m dead serious.”

This is a man who’s earned more than $8 million in career prize money, and has Career Grand Slams in men’s doubles and mixed doubles.

But he can’t stop looking at the Olympic medal.

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