From bullied, obese and “no good at sports” to ripped Olympic boxer

Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images

One story of the many stories to watch in Rio will be Great Britain boxer Lawrence Okolie.

Bullied as a student, the now 23-year-old wasn’t even boxing in 2010, when doctors told the former 264-pounder that he was overweight.

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Now boxing in the 200lb class, Okolie is in incredible shape. To think he took up the sport because other physical activities weren’t holding his interest.

Boxing hit the right targets for him, and now he’s striking out for gold.

From The Sun:

“I was no good at sports, I was just flobbing about. I was never really a people-person, [or good at] talking.

“I would get the name calling, sometimes the physical stuff, I was picked on for having an African name, and seeming a bit weird to other kids. I just had to go through that.”

Okolie’s story is borderline biggest loser stuff, and certainly has the makings of a TV movie.