PHOTO: Empire State Building to pay homage to each Olympic nation

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

With the Opening Ceremony of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio being held Friday night, one of the most iconic buildings in the United States will be honoring the occasion.

The Empire State Building, which in the past has paid homage to a host of major sporting events (and current events in general) by changing the colors of its lights, will honor each of the nations represented in the Olympic Games. The colors of the flag of each nation will be used in the lights that illuminate the Empire State Building, with them changing to match the order in which the delegations enter the Maracanã Stadium.

Among the athletes who will serve as flag bearers in the Opening Ceremony are Michael Phelps (United States), Rafael Nadal (Spain), Carolina Wozniacki (Denmark) and Tim Murray (Great Britain). The full list of flag bearers can be found here.