South Korean archer unimpressed with ranking round world record

Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

Kim Woojin says he’s not that pleased with himself, because Friday was just a ranking round.

That’s completely ignoring history, as the 24-year-old South Korean archer broke a world record by shooting a 700.

Amazingly, that’s 20 points off a perfect score and includes 52 of 72 arrows being fired into the top-scoring spot.

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Woojin says the record doesn’t matter, but his competitors were blown away, especially considering they considered the firing platform to be shaky and disappointing.

He told the Associated Press, through an interpreter, that it “doesn’t feel that important” since it’s not for a medal. Team USA archer Brady Ellison finished second, and disagrees.

“The fact he shot a 700 is amazing,” said Brady Ellison of the United States, who finished second in qualifying with a score of 690. “Should’ve been five or six points higher, too.”

In Ellison’s opinion, that’s due to a creaky surface. There was scaffolding on the ground and on top of that was a thin piece of plywood. It tended to shift each time someone moved in the long line of shooters.