Katie Ledecky meets Bruce Springsteen, who is all over her iPod

Katie Ledecky
Getty Images

Katie Ledecky has about 400 Bruce Springsteen songs on her iPod. Now, she has one photo with the Boss on her Instagram.

Ledecky shared a photo with the musician before his show at Nationals Park in Washington, D.C., on Thursday night. Ledecky is a D.C.-area native and presumably attended the show in one of her final flings before heading to Stanford for her freshman year.

Ledecky has long noted her fondness of Springsteen’s music, even though she was born more than 21 years after “Born to Run” hit shelves.

Growing up, her dad would play Springsteen songs while driving her to swim meets and practices.

Recently, Springsteen started following Ledecky on Twitter. Big deal, as the Boss follows just 39 accounts and no other athletes.

“Yeah, I found that out a couple of days ago,” Ledecky said in WTOP radio interview Monday, adding that Springsteen is her favorite musician. “My dad was a big Bruce Springsteen fan. He’s been to probably 30, 40 concerts, maybe less, I don’t know. But big fan. I have probably 400 Bruce Springsteen songs on my iPod, just from different shows and everything, so I became a Springsteen fan pretty early on.”

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