NYC Marathon winner doesn’t track her weekly mileage

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Mary Keitany is the two-time defending New York City Marathon winner and the second-fastest female marathoner of all time.

Keitany is not, however, a studious recorder of running logs.

From Keitany’s press conference before she goes for a three-peat in New York on Sunday (h/t @statman_jon):

Q. How many miles or kilometers a week are you running?
MARY KEITANY: Per week? I’ve never counted because I’m doing twice. Once maybe 40 minutes in the evening, and right now in the morning, I do a one hour workout. So I never counted.

Q. One hour in the morning and how much in the evening?
MARY KEITANY: 40 minutes in the evening. So sometimes there is a day of track and a day of workout. So you can’t tell how many per week because sometimes we run maybe Saturday like maybe 25, and then another day we go to the track to do like maybe speed work, like maybe 1,000 maybe times five or times ten.

Q. And how long is your long run?

Q. Two hours?
MARY KEITANY: Yeah, maybe 2 hours or 2 hours, 20.

Q. Slow or fast?

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