Boomer Phelps gets pool lesson with Michael Phelps’ first swim teacher (video)

Getty Images

Boomer Phelps received pool lessons from Cathy BennettMichael Phelps‘ first swim teacher, at the pool where Michael learned to swim in Baltimore.

“He’s better relaxed today than he was before,” Michael Phelps said Monday of his 6-month-old son. “When he gets in the water, it shocks him a little bit. The process is starting where he gets to become more water safe.”

Michael mentioned Boomer’s reluctance going under the water, which is a Phelps trait. Though Michael began swim lessons at 6 or 7 years old, not 6 months.

“I drove [Bennett] crazy,” Phelps said of his early lessons in his first book, “Beneath the Surface.” “I may have been the younger brother of two great swimmers, but as soon as I got in the pool, with Miss Cathy guiding me along, I realized I was scared to get my face wet.”

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