Ryan Lochte set to be a father

Getty Images

Ryan Lochte is going to become a father in 2017, according to the swimmer and his fiancée’s social media.

The 12-time Olympic medalist and Playboy model Kayla Rae Reid posed for photos underwater for their announcement, reminiscent of Michael Phelps‘ now-wife, then-fiancée Nicole Johnson‘s shoot from May.

Lochte and Reid announced their engagement in October after an elaborate plan by Lochte highlighted by a helicopter ride.

Lochte is suspended suspended through June 30 and excluded from the 2017 World Championships by USA Swimming as punishment following his Rio gas-station incident.

Lochte has said he plans to return to competition after the ban with an eye on the 2020 Olympics.

Lochte will turn 36 years old during the 2020 Tokyo Games, making him older than all but two previous U.S. Olympic swimmers in individual events (Edgar Adams, 1904, and Dara Torres, 2008).

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